Arts kunpu, tjukurpa kunpu, waltja tjuta kunpu

Strong arts, strong culture, strong communities



Ku Arts works for and with Aboriginal artists, art centres and arts workers across South Australia, delivering support services that allow them to realise their aspirations.

Nganana kunpu kanyinma arts munu culture nganampa tjitji nganampa tjutaku.

We help keep arts centres strong, and our culture strong for our children- they are our future leaders.



Culture– is the heart of our art and all that we do.

Respect– for people, culture, language, difference and ideas.

Inclusive– being open and honest, listening to the views of others, encouraging participation and collaboration.

Integrity – professional service delivery, ensuring we are always ethical, accountable and transparent.


principles of our constitution

Ngapartji ngapartji kulinma munu iwara wanama tjukarurungku: Respect each other and follow the law straight
Piluntjungku: Peaceful and calm
Kalypangku: Conciliatory
Kututu mukulyangku: Kindhearted
Tjungungku: United