What We Do

Ananguku Arts  delivers programs in support of artists’ professional development, human resource management, training and employment  services, advocacy and marketing.
Our core business is to support Aboriginal artists across the APY Lands and regional South Australia, recognising that cultural maintenance underpins artistic expression and is integral to health and wellbeing. The organisation supports professional, paraprofessional and recreational artists across the state, while aspiring to the production of art of the highest calibre. This has an aesthetic and a practical rationale - the ‘painting school’ art centre model that has proven so successful in the western APY Lands has a measurable impact on community wellbeing in an area where art-making is the largest source of income other than government funding. The importance of access to senior artists cannot be underestimated in this whole process.

The Arts are an investment in a community’s wellbeing and in the wellbeing of society as a whole. Diverse artforms practiced across the state include acrylics on canvas, ceremonial songs and dance, contemporary music, ceramics, carving, spinning, weaving and works on paper.


banner: L-R Deborah Curley, Kanytjupai Robin, Marita Baker, Mantuwa George photo Kirsten Grace; Chris Ken photo Kirsten Grace; Kawaki Thompson photo Iain Morton; L-R Witchetty George, Wayne Eager photo Ben Danks
main page: L-R Robin Kankapankatja, Wayne Eager; Minma Tjuta in Amata; L-R Ginger Wikilyiri, Taylor Cooper, all photographs Ben Danks